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Hello everyone!

About 2 weeks ago someone told me I'm hard. I asked what's wrong with that. Should I be easy? He replayed that's why I'm hard. I know I'm hard, but I don't want to be easy. If you're easy, you're just without taste. They have to do nothing to get you. Sometimes all of you. So you will be easy to forget. In my opinion almost no women want to be forgotten by a man, who one day got her. Tell me if I'm wrong. And from my experience, men want to fight for their girls, that's the moment when they feel necessary and like a boss.

And every girl wants her boy to fight for her. And be with her. And for her. But every woman wants to be with her man and get her own family, where both of them have to fight for each other. To the end of their life.


Hello my readers!

Have you ever had such feeling that you're doing something good for others but at the same time you're fucking your life? Even private or school life? Because now I have. I don't know what should I do to change it. I always wanted to help people and make the world better and many times I've tried to do that. And I suddenly noticed that making other people happy is more important for my than myself happiness. Am I a kind of an altruistic or what?!

Soon I'm going to have term exams, but I'm spending five hours a day helping one girl to pass math in the first class of high school. I don't have any math this term and any future term, so it won't help me in anything. What a cruel life! I'm not a systematic student, I don't know how to prepare to my exams and wasting my time wouldn't help me. I'm a 21 years old single promiscuous prim! Or should I say virtuous whore? I haven't decided yet.

I think it's enough for the first time.
Hope you'll enjoy. ^^